I’ve met so many skaters, coaches, officials, and fans who have inspired me to work harder and be better. Not only to be a better skater, but a better person as well. Everyone I’ve shared the track with has had an influence on how I play. My teammates have helped me grow on and off the track. My coaches have taught me patience, hard work, and to never stop learning.
— Mika #51

Welcome to the Naptown Roller Derby. We are a league made up of great skaters, volunteers, referees, sponsors, fans, and friends who have all devoted their time, talents, energy, and efforts to help bring flat-track roller derby to Indianapolis—and we’re not talking about roller derby of old. Forget the fights and flash. What we wish to introduce to you is about athleticism and skill—it’s the coolest sport there ever was.

Naptown is different; as skaters, we are competitive and work to unlock our athletic potential. We are willing to push ourselves physically, willing to give altruistically to the betterment of the league, and willing to show a level of commitment and maturity to accept that the NRD experience will change our lives for the better. We believe, with conviction, that being part of NRD is one of the most meaningful experiences of our lives.

Formed in 2006 as The Naptown Roller Girls, we were one of more than 200 flat- and banked-track roller derby leagues around the country. Our competing teams—the veteran Tornado Sirens, the Warning Belles,  and The Third Alarm—have collected bruises, torn tendons, dislocated ankles, and broken bones to bring roller derby in all its grit and glory to the Indianapolis area.

NRD is a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, which is a national governing body for women’s amateur flat-track roller derby in the U.S. As a member of WFTDA, NRD is among the ranks of more than 400 skater-owned and -operated leagues worldwide that have united to lead the growing sport. WFTDA member leagues engage in sanctioned inter-league play, including playoffs and a championship tournament. In 2017, the NRD Tornado Sirens brought home a third-place trophy from WFTDA's Division II Championships in Pittsburgh.